Conversion Numbers (Leads to Listings) – This is a common question we receive and one that is not easy to answer because every agent is different. For example, if I have 100 seller leads available in the Las Vegas area and I give those EXACT SAME 100 Leads to both Agent Jane and Agent John (no we don’t really do this your PSL leads are NOT shared with anyone else this is just an example) both Jane and John are going to get a different amount of listing appointments and listings from those same EXACT 100 leads.

Why? Because Jane and John are both going to work those leads differently. One agent might call their leads immediately, while the other waits. Each agent has different follow up systems to keep in contact with the lead. One agent might have a much better listing presentation style than the other agent. My point is that the PSL system can show you how to generate the traffic to your site, which is 100% guaranteed because you are purchasing that traffic. The PSL system has then been designed to convert that traffic into full leads at a very high rate (15 – 35% on average).

Once the leads are captured, how many of them ultimately are converted into listing appointments and actual listings will come down to the individual agents skills and systems that they have in place.